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~Herbal Teas ~
These teas can provide balance & support to the body!!
This tea is one of the most extensively researched adaptogens on the market today.  It can restore & rejuvenate the human body & many drink it for it's longevitiy properties. Ashwagandha can be used on a long term basis as with most adaptogens, it's gentle yet powerful.  It can promote nerve growth & can also protect the nerves, as they heal last within the body. This tea contains anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-anxiety & anti-tumor properties. Along with rejuvenating the body, it can also help rejuvenate the brain!!! (2 oz. bag -- $10.00) 
This delightful & pleasantly tasting tea is one of the best digestive aids out there! It helps gas, indigestion, heartburn, cramping, IBS, motion sickness, bloating and so many other tummy issues. It can help to relax nerves & improve circulation. It's an anti-bacterial & an anti-oxidant. Peppermint can help to control blood cholesterol & blood pressure as it contains potassium. It can enhance memory & increase alertness....even with that, it's still great to drink at bedtime!! (2 oz. bag -- $10.00)


There are 3 powerful herbs in this tea blend to help combat many allergy issues. These herbs can bring long lasting relief to help the body heal and deal with histamine attacks. The main ingredient...nettles...is THE chosen top herb for allergy issues! This tea can work better than OTC remedies, as they loose their effectiveness over time & only treat symptoms, not the underlying causes.
Our customers are ecstatic that with just one cup of this tea, their sinus troubles are resolved! (2 oz.  bag -- $10)




This tea naturally helps one to get the restful & healing sleep we all need...safely! It's much better than the addictive OTC medications. It will help to ease anxiety issues as it's loaded with nervine herbs to help relax & destress the body. It can also help with nerve & pain issues, that's what nervines do! But do not use if allergic to ragweed! (2 oz. bag -- $10.00)


Are you type 2 diabetic or borderline diabetic?? This formula contains 3 great herbs that can help the body maintain normal blood sugar levels. These herbs also help to cleanse the blood & are very beneficial to the liver! Each herb contains bitters which triggers digestion. The herbs can also help improve digestion as their inulin, a prebiotic, content adds fiber & we know how much that helps with the digestion processes. It can also be highly beneficial to diabetics! (2 oz. bag -- $10)






This tea is a blend of 4 great herbs to help relieve arthritis pain & stiffness! It can also help rid the body of inflammation which can lead to disease. These herbs can also act as a diruetic which can help to lower blood pressure, as the kidneys are related to that. These herbs can also help to cleanse the blood & improve blood flow which can benefit the body in balance & wellness. This blend can also improve the digestion process. (2 oz. bag -- $10)





This herb or weed as some still call it is extremely high in vitamins & minerals. It purifies the blood & can boost liver performance. It is a powerful diuretic, so it helps to flush the kidneys, too. It is a great source of potassium. Recent research has shown that it's a powerful cancer fighter and loaded with antioxidants. It is a bitter, so it helps with digestive issues. Dandelion can also help to regulate & normalize hormone production.  (2 oz. bag -- $10.00)




The leaves of this amazing plant are the #1 choice for lung & breathing issues. It's a tonic for the adrenals. The oil is also good for earaches in adults & children. The oil can be made from these leaves. It's also been smoked by  many for lung ailments, but that's the least effective way of getting mullein's beneficial properties. It's an anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, astringent & emollient. It can help with many types of lung ailments, coughs, sore throats, upper airway infections, asthma & even bronchitis.  (2 oz. bag -- $10.00)


~The Tonic~




Our 'signature' blend!! This tonic taken daily can help to cleanse & gently detoxify your body, so many nowadays say they happen quickly but that should NOT be the case. It took a long time for the body to get this way, it will take time for it to detoxify! It's not good for it to happen quickly as it can be a shock to the system. There are only 2 ways to detoxify, through the skin or through elmination, that's it! This can also help to build the immune system & has been known to help fight cancer! All the herbs work synergestically to aid the body in the healing process. It can be very beneficial to the body even while on chemo!! This herbal blend, AKA Essiac can also help to regulate iron levels. It contains one of the top herbs to help cleanse & purify the blood, promoting balance & wellness.  (1 packet -- $20 & makes 1 gallon or 2 - 1/2 gallons of tonic)

Here's a link to some more information about the ingredients in this detox blend/tonic.