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~The Herbal Tinctures~

Tinctures enter your body rapidly because they are a liquid & dispensed under the tongue.
Faster than pills or capsules which have to go throughout your entire body before they can begin their work.

The normal recommendation for tinctures is 20-60 drops per dose, usually 3x/day. One can adjust this to suit their own needs. Tinctures are more powerful than regular teas, as 3 drops of a tincture can equal 1 (one) cup of tea.


All 3 of the herbs in this tincture are highly beneficial for the heart as they actually aid in the heart's performance. It's also able to lower blood pressure, as it's a powerful diuretic. This tincture is high in antioxidants, polyphenols & flavanoids which are highly beneficial for the body. It can also have relaxing effects on the body, as it can lower anxiety. Warnings: if you are on beta blockers, heart medication, etc. or have low blood pressure, consult with your doctor prior to taking.  (1 oz. bottle - $15.00)






Turmeric has a superfood reputation! This tincture form is more potent & concentrated, so it is going to work faster than the powder form. This can help fight inflammation in the body, which we all know now can lead to disease & it can help with so many more health issues. Because it's in tincture form, one can take more of it! But...beware....it will stain anything it touches!!!
(1 oz. dropper bottle -- $10.00)






This awesome tincture is made from California poppy. It's a different species than the infamous red poppy, so it's safe to ingest as often as needed & there's no addiction. It helps with pain, aches, insomnia, stress, nervous agitation & more. This pain tincture provides relaxation & is a mild sedative. It's a gentle tonic for the nervous system. There are no side effects & dependence like you get from sleep aids. It's not advisable for children under 6 to use & should not be used during pregnancy. 
(1 oz. dropper bottle -- $10.00)







Most people know about how great nettles is for us & all it's benefits. Here in tincture form, it's more concentrated & easier to use because of it's portability. Nettles is a great all-over tonic. It can be taken for long periods of time. It's a natural anti-histamine, so it's great for seasonal allergies. Nettles can help with the adrenals, anemia, bursitis, gout, neuralgia, the kidneys, inflammation, blood sugar issues, Alzheimers & so much more. Do not take if pregnant. It may lower heart rate, as it's good for high blood pressure too. 
(1 oz. dropper bottle -- $10.00)





This root is one of THE most extensively researched adaptogens today!! It contains many restorative & rejuvenating properties. As with most adaptogens, it can be used long term with no negative results. It's gentle yet powerful as it's able to promote nerve growth & can protect the nerves in our bodies which can get damaged by many things. When the body repairs itself, the nerves are the last to heal.  Ashwagandha is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-anxiety & an anti-tumor herb....that's just a little of what this mild tasting herb can do. It's also great because part of it's rejuvenating process includes the brain!!
(1 oz. dropper bottle -- $10.00)






This tincture is made from a powerful herb that strengthens, protects & supports the immune system, over time. It is the ONLY herb that contains flavonoids, saponins, polysaccharides & trace minerals. Saponins are known for their ability to lower cholesterol, improve the immune system & prevent cancer. Flavanoids contain antioxidative qualities, control & scavage free radicals. Help prevent heart diseases, cancer & immunodeficiency viruses. Polysaccharides have anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory capabilities. They can also keep viruses from replicating. This herb is a powerful adaptogen that can ease infections, it also strengthens the organs & the different systems of the body! Astragalus has a reputation of being a strong anti-inflammatory & cancer fighter!!! This is one awesome powerful herb!
(1 oz. dropper bottle -- $10.00)







This herb or weed as some still call it is extremely high in vitamins & minerals. It purifies the blood & can boost liver performance. It is a powerful diuretic, so it helps to flush the kidneys, too. It is a great source of potassium. Recent research has shown that it's a powerful cancer fighter and loaded with antioxidants. It is a bitter, so it helps with digestive issues. Dandelion can also help to regulate & normalize hormone production. (1 oz. dropper bottle -- $10.00)






This powerful tincture contains Uva ursi, THE top herb for UTI issues. It also includes the powerful healing properties of dandelion root & nettles! Research confirms that this combination of herbs can provide antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, an astringent & antimicrobial support to the body. Uva ursi contains arbutin which is an active component against the pathogens that are commonly found in UTI's. This combination is also a powerful diuretic and can actually flush & stimulate the kidneys. Do NOT take this with cranberry juice as the juice will negate the wellness properties of the tincture.
One will only need to take this for about a week to flush out the UTI, then proceed with the your normal protocol. Most recommend 20-60 drops 3x/day for maximum effectiveness.
(1 oz. dropper bottle -- $15.00) 






Our tincture is plain & simple. The berry already has all the great benefits in it, so why not make up a tincture for it instead of adding all those sugars, honeys and whatever else they add, which just makes the body work harder. The elderberry is a powerful anti-viral & antioxidant!! It has the research to back all of that up as well. Latest research does show it can help lower blood sugar levels. It has a reputation of easing allergies, colds, flus, inflammation, sinus infections and more!!!
(1 oz. bottle -- $10.00)






Several customers have requested this wonderful herbal blend in tincture form & here it is!!! This tincture naturally helps one to get the restful & healing sleep we all need...safely. It's better than the addictive OTC medications...and the scripts too. Sandman's can help ease anxiety issues, helping with stress and promote relaxation! It is loaded with nerviness, so it can help with pain issues as well. It has the same effect as the tea, only in tincture form, which some prefer!! Recommended dosage is 20-60 drops.
Caution: do not use if allergic to ragweed.  (1 oz. bottle -- $15.00)






Mullein is a great herb for all sorts of lung issues...from coughs, sore throats & asthma to upper airway infections, bronchitis & even respiratory ailments. The tincture form will reach your lungs quickly. Tincture & tea is better than 'smoking' it as some do. It's an anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, astringent & an emollient! So if you have lung issues....this can help!!  (1 oz. bottle -- $10.00)