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Here's some reviews & testimonials customers say about Herbs-4-Health,

Herbmama, our products & services!!!!


--> Debbie writes again: Herbmama knows her stuff! If you have questions, she'll answer. If you're puzzled which product to buy, ask her; she'll help! Always great customer service, always fantastic products!

--> Jess gave Herbs-4-Health

--> Terri G. sez: Love Becky and her products....a must visit site

--> Renee T. commented...Becky made a special esstential oil for my son who has ADHD. He used it everyday.. Even asking for it. He loved it in his diffuser too! Becky is very knowledgeable and sincerely wants to help others. I love her blog posts filled with loads of great information. Glad to have found her!

--> KCJ....I find her very knowledgeable when it comes to herbs. I'm so glad to see her back

--> Cheyenne, owner of Harvest Moon Herbs said: I love, love, love the products Becky sent me today!  She is a very kind and compassionate lady.

--> Jamie said: Becky of Herbs 4 Health is knowledgeable in her craft. I am enjoying my Sandman tea of hers before bedtime to help me unwind and relax and it is doing just that. It is a pleasant, mellow tea. Thank you.

--> Ms Gypsy writes: I have to say that the Krud Kicker is by far the best oil I have ever used. I have 3 autoimmune diseases and I just had surgery and got a horrible cold on top of it. Becky rushed me a bottle of this and within 6 hours my chest loosened up and my stuffy head was so much better. I could actually smell and taste what I was eating. This evening was the first good sleep I've had in a week and a half! I rubbed this into my sinus area and under my nose, a liberal amount onto my feet... and put socks on and onto my lymph nodes on my neck and into my hands. I also rubbed my chest down with this. I feel so much better tonight and know in a few days will be back to myself. If you have a chest or head cold you need to pick up a bottle or two of Krud Kicker and if you don't then you need to keep a bottle around. The smell is so amazing and it desolves so quickly into your skin. Becky really knows her stuff and she doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk guys and gals.

--> Heidilynn gives Herbs-4-Health

--> Mandy sez: Becky is good with all the herbs and oils she sells. Rest assured if you have any questions, she will answer them and if she doesn't know (which is rare) then she will find out.

-->Shannon P. gives Herbs-4-Health

--> Crystal writes: I have known Becky for 50 plus years. She has spent her whole life dealing with what she has learned and knows from experience. She is awesome at what she does. Know's it, lives it, practices it and has so very much knowledge in what she has learned over the years. Becky is the most honest and caring person I know. Certainly someone you can put your trust in and count on for your needs. You will not ever get better care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--> Gary sez: Becky is the greatest, and very precise in her knowledge of herbs and their uses!  Have known Herbmama for 21 years, have watched her blossom with knowledge and caring for all, she knows her herbs and formulas!

--> Ms Kellie writes: I am so excited and grateful Becky is back in business!!! She is, in my opinion, the best in the business!!! She gives Herbs-4-Health & Herbmama

--> Hazel sez about Herbmama: She is a very good source of information I love talking to her.

--> Ruthie says: Woot woot Herbie is back. I am so very very happy. She does wonderful things with herbs.

--> Debbie writes: Becky (Herbmama) is, and has been a very close friend and mentor of mine for years! She is certified and knows her herbs and oils! She will give you the info you need, and help you find the herb/oil that will help you. Truly an honest and knowledgeable person!

--> Mandy recommends: I love Becky and her products. She's never steered me wrong.

--> Glennis writes: Becky is a wonderful witch with sound knowledge of some excellent remedies . Have utmost faith in Becky's recommendations!

--> Terri sez:  Love Becky and her products...a must visit site

--> Ms Renee's testimonial.....I have to give a HUGE shout out to my friend, Becky and her business Herbs 4 Health. She has been absolutely amazing sharing so many of my business posts which has actually brought a few orders and a new wonderful repeat customer. Becky is my go to for essential oils and my walking encyclopedia full of trusted knowledge on herbs and natural remedies. I choose to share this post with you because it is one of her products I personally have used when carpal tunnel strikes... and it has worked well for me during those times. I hope you check her out page out and Herbmama's Words which I believe is for her blog. Thank you, Becky.. you ROCK, my friend!