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~The Essential Oil Blends~




Remember "Thieves Oil"? Well this 'same but different' powerful blend contains 5 essential oils to help alleviate colds, flu, sore throats, coughs, sinus issues & more! It can also help boost the immune system. This Krud Kicker contains one of the most powerful essential oils available!!! It is already in a carrier oil so it's ready to apply to your body safely. Just inhaling it can be highly beneficial to your body, that's how powerful it is. It's very versatile to use & has many types of applications!! It is my best seller, especially during the 'krud' season out here in AZ!!  One does NOT ingest this oil, it is only to be applied topically!!! (1/2 oz. bottle -- $20.00)





*NOW infused with arnica which will give this blend an extra 'umph', because as we all know, arnica is awesome in helping with bruising, pain, strains, sprains, arthritis, muscle aches & so much more!!! So when added to the carrier oil in this unique proprietary blend of essential oils, it will help even more with pain & nerve issues. This oil can also be beneficial to those with respiratory issues. It can help increase blood flow which can lead to healing. The essential oils included in this special blend can help with neuralgia & even diabetic neuropathy!! It tends to have a calming effect when applied. This wonderful oil can help to ease sore & still muscles too and there is is NO burning or stinging sensation at all, as with other topical pain relievers!!! Do NOT ingest.
(1/2 oz. bottle -- $20.00)






One of the few essential oils that is safe to ingest with proper dilution and it is already in a safe edible carrier oil. This essential oil helps to build the immune system to help you stay healthy. It is also an all over tonic! One of the few essential oils that is anti-fungal, too. This oil blend is fast acting because of the way it is dispensed, under the tongue. Warning: But be sure to avoid if you are pregnant. Use with caution if you have high blood pressure or other heart issues.  (1/2 oz. bottle -- $10.00)