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~Lavender Essential Oil~

This awesome essential oil is one of the most widely known & used oils. It's very beneficial in relaxing the mind AND the body. Lavender is highly versatile and can be used for many types of skin conditions and so much more. One of the only essential oils that is safe to use straight out of the bottle or "neat" as some term it. Put a few drops on top of your bath water and as it coats you when you step in, feel it relaxing your body. Use it in a diffuser to calm the air around you. Inhale it directly out the of the bottle too!! So many different ways to use this oil. (1/2 oz. bottle -- $12.00)

Lavender Essential Oil
  • Price $12.00





~Peppermint Essential Oil~

This essential oil is highly effective for all types of gastrointestinal issues, including cramps & nausea. It can help with mental fatigue & even migraines. If you just inhale this oil, it can increase your mental energy to help you focus. It's very effective for breathing issues, muscular pain & so much more. Be sure to dilute it in a carrier oil before applying it topically to your body. It's also highly effective in repelling insects & rodents too!! It's one of the very few essential oils that is safe to ingest...in tiny amounts...for example ONE drop in 4 oz. of water to help with tummy issues. I do not advocate ingesting essential oils, but some ARE safe to ingest and this is one of them!! (1/2 oz. bottle -- $8.00)

Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Price $8.00





~Tea Tree Essential Oil~

This is the only essential oil that is anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal. Light does not destroy it's beneficial properties like it can other essential oils. It is very potent...do NOT take this internally! Tea tree is highly beneficial for many types of skin issues including warts, moles & skin tags. It can also be drying, so be cautious when applying, do not over use & possibly even diulte before applying to the skin. (1/2 oz. bottle -- $10.00)

Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Price $10.00