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If any of you have followed my other businesses or have purchased from me,  you might remember this wonderful balm. Well I finally brought it back, under a different name!! It was 'Nature's Healing Ointment' and then it was 'Healing Ointment'....well the same recipe, tweaked a bit, only a different name yet again! This balm is the bomb!!!! It is powerful enough to help heal, but yet gentle enough for sensitive areas. It's sweet almond oil infused with comfrey, calendula & echinacea. Then I add some healing shea butter to it. To top it off, I add the wonderful healing powers of tea tree & lavender essential oils! It's amazing
& I'm thrilled to be bringing it back from it's slumber. This balm is great for raw, dry, chapped skin.
Cuts, scrapes, cuticles, burns, boils, rashes, dermatitis, infections....all sorts of skin issues.

1/2 oz. tin -- $5.00